Pattern & Craft ~ Weekend Retreat, Australia ~ 13th - 16th January 2023

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Pattern & Craft Weekend Retreat

~ with artists ~ 

Stephanie June Ellis & Adam Williamson

 Explore the meditative and contemplative practice of negative space and enhance your craft skills through The Traditional Arts of Cyanotype Blueprinting & Plaster Carving.



The House at Sixty-Five Main

Hepburn Springs, Victoria

13th - 16th January 2023

Book into the Full Weekend Course $440 ~ Includes all materials, lunches ~ excludes accommodation

Full Course + materials, 3 nights accommodation and all meals ~ open to 7 people 

Twin share $880pp

Single ( only one available ) $1180

Saturday 14th

~ Cyanotype Blueprinting ~

Originating in the 1840s ~ Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process widely known as the term "blueprint" which was mostly used for large architectural & mechanical drawing reproduction.

Blueprints are created using equal ratios of Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate(green) and a photographic negative or film positive placed onto a UV (ultraviolet) light-sensitive sheet of paper. Areas, where light does not hit sensitised material, remain white.

Students will experiment with various techniques and materials including plants, pen drawings on vellum, shadow play, and random objects with a focus on

geometric patterns. 


Day Two 15th

~ Plaster Carving ~


Learn about the various traditional plaster carving techniques used in Islamic cultures, from Morocco to the levant and beyond.

Experience one of the most satisfying carving processes and complete a pattern of your choice. This is a unique opportunity to experience plaster carving with a practising sculptor. The patterns used for the intro exercises will focus on the geometric and biomorphic patterns and techniques of the Islamic lands but final projects can draw on a multitude of traditional designs.

Participants will practice relief & piercing carving techniques and receive an introduction to plaster casting and mould making. There will also be an opportunity to use traditional chisels from Morocco.


Friday 13th  

Arrivals 5pm

Meet and greet

Dinner 7:00pm



Saturday 14th

Cyanotype Blueprinting Workshop

with Stephanie June Ellis



10am - 1pm

Morning Session

1pm - 2pm


2pm - 5pm

Afternoon Session



Sunday 15th

Plaster Carving Workshop

with Adam Williamson



10am - 1pm

Morning Session

1pm - 2pm


2:00pm - 5pm

Afternoon session




Monday 16th



Checkout by 10am


~ Your Hosts & Teachers ~

Adam & Steph teahcing The Platonic Solids
Stephanie June Ellis.png

Adam Williamson

Adam Williamson is an award-winning calligrapher and sculptor who has undertaken a long list of prestigious commissions and exhibited internationally.

A skilled calligrapher, geometer and stone/wood carver, Adam is drawn to particular shapes and patterns that can tessellate into perfectly balanced structures. His work embodies universal principals found in nature through hands-on craftsmanship. Having grown up in a family of artisans, Adam has travelled the globe to work with artists from diverse backgrounds in places such as Mount Athos in Greece, Granada in Spain,Fez in Morocco and Istanbul in Turkey. 

Adam regularly worked as a consultant in Jamaica for a PSTA project supporting a group of Jamaican woodcarvers for several years, and led a program focusing on indigenous crafts and dialogue with Elders in British Colombia, Canada, over a period of a year. He has also undertaken consultancy work in China and Azerbaijan that focused on preserving traditional craft skills in these areas

Stephanie June Ellis


Stephanie June Ellis is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Mentor, Author and a specialist in drawing patterns. Through her workshops and retreats she engages with worldwide communities offering wellness through the creative process with a focus on bridging the worlds Traditional Arts, Crafts and Rituals through Sacred Geometry.


Primarily working with ink on paper, her creative practice and offerings centre around crystalline and botanical patterns which aim to transcend viewers beyond the physical world and encourage a wider vision of awareness.

Stephanie truly believes that geometry contains the power to unify the four dimensions of the mind; ~ Body, emotion, soul and spirit. 


She has dedicated her life to exploring primordial patterns and symbols ( the circle, the square, the triangle ) which operate in the psyche of everyday individuals. By exploring these principles, her journey continues, soaking up the very essence of ~ The Art Of Process. 

A nomad at heart, Stephanie has lived in Australia, Bali Singapore and London. She has and continues to travel extensively, working closely with artisans and craftsman around the world. She has worked with a long list of publishers, schools, universities, community organisations and retreat centres across the globe including Bali Mountain Retreat Centre, Flores Del Camino, The Brisbane Institute Of Art, Latrobe University, Barossa Regional Gallery, The Ismaili Centre, Toronto, Dumbo Feather Magazine, Art Of Islamic Pattern and Uk based charities The Common Ground Collective & The Creative Dimension. 

Adam Williamson.png


~ The Venue ~

Overlooking Hepburn State Forest, the location is in the heart of Hepburn Springs and only 3km from its Twin Town of Daylesford. The big white house on Main Road has a long history dating back to the 1860′s. It was previously owned by the Lucini family who established the Old Macaroni Factory, later known as Timor House Guesthouse and finally transformed into a contemporary, vibrant Guesthouse known as ’65 Main’ in March 2001.

65 Main is a big white Hamptons Style House with 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Dining (casual in kitchen and formal dining with butlers kitchen), 2 Living Rooms (billiard room and fire place room) plus lots of deck|balcony areas to enjoy with forest views.

This house 'soothes the soul' as you wake to birdsong, enjoy starry nights.

Workshops will be held on the backyard deck.