Hidden Geometry of the Ocean

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Join artist Stephanie June Ellis as she takes you on a mystical adventure down under connecting you to the wonder of the ocean.

Saturday - 10am - 4pm,  25th Sept 2021 

Explore geometric and biomorphic patterns derived from a variety of exquisite creatures floating in the deep blue, including diatoms, shells, urchins and sea-stars. 

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​Workshop begins with a slide presentation discussing archetypes and the fundamental principles of Sacred Geometry, including the golden spiral and platonic solids and how these forms/symbols offer a deeper connection to the beauty of the ocean.

~ Class analysis ~

Shell spirals using the golden ratio and octagonal symmetry.

5 fold symmetry in seastars, urchins and the ancient 500 million year old basketstar. 

Daitom construction of the genus Arachnoidiscus ( spider's web diatom )

Stephanie will also share super cool information about the biology and function of these magical creatures.