LONDON ~ Gothic Drawing and Carving - 10 & 11th August 2024

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Carve a rose window and carve a stone tracery over one weekend!
Limited places.
Booking essential.
All equipment & materials included. 

Open to all abilities.


This is a special session focused on traditional tools and techniques.

Spend a day drawing a Gothic tracery window with Lucie Rose
. Then Spend a day with Adam Williamson stone carving a tracery section in the Bow courtyard.

Gothic Geometry: The Art of Rose Windows

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Gothic architecture, where fluid curves and intricate designs evoke the beauty of flowers and the brilliance of flames. One of the most breathtaking accomplishments of this style is the Rose Window, a true masterpiece of geometry and art.

In this course, we will delve into the captivating geometry of Rose Windows. Using traditional tools of compass and straight edge, you'll learn to trace and construct one example of these stunning architectural ornaments.

Join us and discover how the elegant principles of geometry come to life in the form of these mesmerizing windows. Whether you are an artist, architect, or simply an enthusiast of historical design, this course offers a unique opportunity to explore and create the timeless beauty of Gothic art


At the end of the course, everyone will have a least one finished panel to take home with them.