HM The Queen Mother Memorial

Memorial to HM The Queen Mother, commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales as a personal tribute to her memory. It was carved from a single piece of Burlington slate and includes an intricately weaving knot-work boarder and an inscription written by The Duke and a likeness of The Queen Mother.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater Carving

A plaque carved in English Oak commissioned by the Carpenters company and installed on the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The plaque commemorates the building of the Globe Theatre’s timber frame and included an intricately carved boarder illustrating the story.

The Duke of Rothesay Crest

In 2004 Adam was Commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales to carve the Duke of Rothesay crest for his Birkhall residence, Scotland. The crest was carved in high relief in Burlington slate (Cumbria).

Ethelburgers Gates

In 2006 Adam was commissioned to carve 28 rosettes in limestone to surround an arched gate designed by Keith Critchlow. The gate was unvield by HRH The Prince of Wales and representatives from all faiths. Adam was later commissioned in 2007 to to produce a carved plaque representing the work by the Coexist Foundation for St Ethelburga’s.

Kenza Mural

In August 2007 Adam was commissioned to paint a Mural in Kenza restaurant. Two walls in two separate rooms where painted floor to ceiling, the walls in the larger room measured approximately 3m by 7m. Arabic calligraphy was the inspiration for the design. The letters and words are abstracted and have no meaning, their flowing shapes ripple across the walls, the piece as a whole looks as if if its oscillating and vibrating.