The Boteh, Celebrating the art of Afghanistan

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ONLINE presentation taught by Stephanie June Ellis aka The Art of Process & Adam Williamson.

To celebrate the arts and crafts and rich decorative history of Afghanistan we will study the famous Boteh symbol  (also know as the paisley) over two sessions. This sacred symbol representing the (cypress) tree of life and originally the Zoroaster sacred flame proliferates the sublime Great Mosque of Herat in Afghanistan.

Herat was an important link on the Silk road evident in a proliferation of influences and styles prevalent in the abundant ornamentation through the 11th century Mosque.

The Boteh teardrop motif is found throughout the Mosque, represents the ideas of eternal spirit and the season of autumn. The classes will focus on the arts and crafts of Afghanistan and the development of this mysterious motif and its application from Persia to India.

Both classes will be taught twice, you are welcome to join either/both presentations.

Part 1 - Introducing Boteh motif

Part 2 -Enneagon Muqarnas, The Dome of Herat Mosque 

30% of the registrations has been donated to the supporting crafts in Afghanistan via the wonderful charity