Lotfollah Shamsah Dome

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In this class we will draw this geometric pattern for the famous Lotfollah Dome in Isfahan built during the Safavid Empire, 1619

Radiant Shamsah pattern that adorns the Lotfallah dome analysed by Adam Williamson during the 2017 study trip to Isfahan. The belly shaped cupola has 288 shamsahs plus the central rosette = 289 which is the Abjad value of Al Rahim (the Merciful) which also has root connections to the word ‘womb’, the mosque was used exclusively by females. ‘Lotf’ relates to ‘gentleness’.

The beautiful picture of the dome is by M Ganji. When you enter the Lotfallah you first journey down a dark corridor then you turn right on a corner to be greeted by this stunning almost spherical sacred cocoon space, there are no geometric star patterns or rosettes only flowing curves and biomorphs.